The purpose of the project was to decorate with portraits the fences surrounding the construction site when Times Square was rebuilt in the final years of the 20th century. Commissioned by designer Tibor Kalman to photograph random passersby, Selkirk spent two days in March 1998 recording the willing at a rate of more than one per minute. Individuals of all shapes, colors, and origins—some famous, some four-legged—paused for a moment as they made their way along the iconic boulevard. Each was asked only for their given name, hometown, and reason for being in Times Square. Self-selecting though the group was, these one thousand faces constitute a captivating slice of humanity at the end of the millennium.


1,008 pages
1000 illustrations
7 x 9 inches
Photographs: Neil Selkirk
Introduction: Tibor Kalman
Powerhouse Books
August 2000