Masquerading as a book of photographs, Lobbyists reveals that lobbying—far from being the province of a sinister elite—is merely, for better or worse, a microcosm of the world itself. Lobbyists are, in fact, us.

Selkirk was dispatched by Aperture magazine in the fall of 2005 to photograph Washington lobbyists for a photo essay, which was quickly expanded into a book. He had found himself immersed in a completely unexpected world of driven idealists and technocrats, in addition to some who conformed to a more traditional notion of the calling. The resulting sixty portraits, with accompanying biographical information, provide provocative material for both the cynic and the dispassionate observer. The book started and remains a purely photographic exploration of its subject, but the sheer diversity of the people in the portraits challenges the stereotype.


84 pages
62 illustrations
11¼  x 13 inches
Photographs and Text: Neil Selkirk
Nazraeli Press
August 2007